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Hunger has many faces.


For some, yesterday’s full table doesn’t mean a full table today.
FEED Niagara are part of Ontario’s member network, providing resources & support to those in need. No one in Niagara should go hungry.

Did you know?


Over 40% of those receiving food security at Niagara based food banks are children? Seniors on fixed incomes who used to be donors are now visiting food banks.

FEED Niagara are Feed Ontario Members.

We are 10 members strong and cover the Niagara Region. We are part of Provincial and National recognized associations. This allows access to more food security programs, grants and we have strict health and safety standards implemented and mandated by our associations.

  • Food bank visits are up 20%+ since 2020.
  • One-third of food bank clients are children.
  • Strong need persists across Niagara as people with disabilities and seniors struggle with the rising costs of living.
  • Greater frequency to access food security is growing from single parent families who juggle 2 income sources. 

Together we are stronger.

Collaboration allows us to share best practices and resources. Developing approaches together allows for a more efficient and streamlined delivery across the Niagara Region.

  • Sharing partnerships within our 10 Member strong network.
  • Engaging Community partnerships to support the network rather than individual organizations
  • Working together on challenges & opportunities in our current systems, including storage, warehousing, transportation & staff support.

This is the first step in providing a united front of Feed Ontario Members within the Niagara Region knowing the demand is growing and our efforts must not be duplicated rather we compliment and support one another.